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Flight of the Vulture
If I were a Vulture, a mythical bird--
With wing-feathers of bronze, sharp and deadly
I would soar high above the trembling world
And screech Banshee-threats down upon it;
Not out of hate or malice, but just for fun--
The world needs a good scare now and then...
Around the spinning Earth I would fly,
Seeing all with my merciless eyes--what other
Monsters might I spy down below?
In Canada the fearsome Wendigo strides,
Cold as Arctic ice, seeking to devour all
In his path--I'd rake him with my talons,
Make the hairy fiend howl in terror...
To Scotland next, and over Loch Ness
I shriek my challenge--will the Monster
Rear her dark slick head and bellow back?
To Fabled Greece, to confront the Harpies--
Vulture-bodied like me, yet crowned with heads
Of angry women; with them I would fly,
All of us shrieking terrors
As the Sun flees into the West...
:iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 6 92
Wandering through the woods and glades
Of a shadowy summer's eve,
I froze as I heard the Pan-flute play,
And in stark terror I ran away...
The God of the Wood is wild and sly,
He loves to fill all with fear--
And he chases the nymphs with lascivious glee
Through the sacred groves far and near...
But his music is haunting, it sings to your soul
If you have but the courage to hear it;
And his wisdom will fill you with nature's rich joy,
So try your best not to fear it...
:iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 3 9
Ex Tempore...
I hit "Submit" by accident
Just now, and I must now admit
That I have no idea what to write
So this poem's an awful fright
It's pouring off the pointy top
Of my poor head--I cannot stop
Typing down these random words
In a meter most absurd!
But at least I'm glad it rhymes
(which doesn't happen all the time)
Methinks it has a certain charm,
You all know that I mean no harm
If this doggerel should offend;
And on that note, I'll type
:iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 7 25
From the darkling wood to the fog-riven shore,
Ten thousand years ago or more,
An Ancient People built a temple of stone,
And for an aeon it stood alone...
Spirals and spells they carved into the rock
Of each unyielding granite block,
That told of unknown, nameless Things
Which danced around the ghostly ring...
The ruins of the temple still stand today,
But where they are I cannot say;
'Tis perilous to venture too near---
Dreadful Things you might see and hear....
:iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 14 37
The Old Ones...
Who were the Mound-Builders of Old,
The Ancient Ones, who dwelt in th' Isles
Before Celt or Roman, Pict or Saxon,
Came to found their mundane cities?
Great rings of stone, eerie henges,
Barrows and mounds remain, guarding lost secrets
And timeless dead, whose spirits
Haunt the interlopers to this day...
:iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 10 27
The villains of Literature love to devise
Elaborate snares for a victim's demise;
They all gloat with bombastic, sadistical glee,
Allowing the hero ample time to flee!
But when I'm encompassing an enemy's doom,
I keep it simple: brick them up in a tomb!
Poe's "Cask of Amontillado" says it best:
Strike your foe where he lives, and ignore the rest!
Always be friendly, courteous and polite
As you savor your victim's despair with delight;
Let them know that they willingly entered the trap,
With no one to blame but themselves--oh, snap!
And before you slide that last brick in the wall,
Tell them this as the dark covers them like a pall:
"No Revenge so complete as Forgiveness, my friend!"
Let them contemplate that as their worthless lives end...
:iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 20 102
BIG Bug... by Chaosfive-55 BIG Bug... :iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 4 39



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Heather Ann Kiely
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Phobophobia- is a phobia defined as the fear of phobias, or the fear of fear.

Hello there! :3
My art can be a bit dark at times but for the most part I'm a very up beat person! I can be a very nice person but if you cross me i wont be afraid to tell you off so you've been warned. My spelling and grammar is horrible and always has been so please if your someone who's a stickler for that sort of thing don't hound me about it.


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Clever girl!;P
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:p im fairly sure...more then my other account i think
...sorry if i havent really talked much on my other account :/
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:) happy birthday ^^ hope you had a good one :3
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So sneaky!!! :lol: I'm still laughing at how you pranked me!!!
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